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Hormone-Related Hot Flushes

Hormone-related hot flushes are increasingly common for both men and women undergoing post-cancer hormone treatment. Why do they occur and what action can you take to lessen the impact?

Generally, hormone-related hot flushes are related to lower levels of Oestrogen (women) and Testosterone (men). This can be naturally occurring due to menopause or ageing, or induced by hormone controlling medications. These medications are an important aspect of longer term cancer treatment. Side-effects would have to be extremely severe for anyone to consider stopping taking them. It is an indication of how debilitating hot flushes can be that some people do take this course of action.

The symptoms of hormone-related hot flushes can be mild and pass quickly and have minimal impact on daily life. However, when severe they cause a high level of discomfort and distress and affect sleep and daily activity. This in turn is likely to result in fatigue, anxiety and depression and greatly impact quality of life.

There is no quick and easy solution but there are some things to bear in mind which may help reduce the severity of symptoms. Caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods all of create heat in the body so reduce intake where possible. Moderation is key. Avoid large swings in external temperature so stick to lukewarm baths and showers. Also, try to wear layers of natural fibre clothing so your body can more easily adjust to changes in the external temperature. Exercise is good for hormone regulation but keep it regular and moderate as opposed to intense. It helps not to over tax your body, be that through exercise, over-work or emotional stress. Meditation, relaxation and any therapies that improve emotional well-being can be of use here.

Acupuncture can be of help because it is an integrative style of treatment. This means that it is understood that every system in the body must be in alignment for optimum health. A more balanced system is more resilient to stresses of everday life be that emotional or physical stress or from the environment to which we're exposed to.

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